Hannah Andersson

Front-end developer

About me

My name is Hannah and I’m a curious and dedicated front-end web developer with a passion for usable, scalable and inclusive interfaces. Working remotely for SthlmConnection in Gothenburg, where I strive to create awesome user experiences combining new techniques and well established patterns.

I’ve introduced designers to modular design, built deploy systems with back-end developers and been lead developer on several projects.

As much as I enjoy a pretty design, I also know that’s not enough to make a project successful.

Accessibility and usability are important aspects of every project, therefore I believe in a close collaboration between UX, designer and front-end.

Apart from being a front-end web developer I have also run a web and communications agency with clients such as Médecins Sans Frontières and Sweden for UNHCR. I have a university diploma in graphic design and web development and have several years of experience working as a consultant.

I want to work on projects that I can be proud of, be a part of amazing teams and develop my skill set. If you’re interested in helping me make this happen, let’s get in touch.

I'm specialized in

  • Inclusive Design

    Providing a great user experience to all, regardless of abilities or context.

  • Modular Design

    Maintaining a consistent design and speeds up development.

  • Style Guides

    Living style guides makes sites easier to maintain over time, as well as providing a documentation.

  • Progressive Enhancement

    I usually start with clean, semantic HTML, add CSS to make an awesome design come alive, and enhance it with JavaScript.

  • Responsive

    Regardless if you’re using a phone or a desktop computer, you should get a great user experience.

  • Drupal & WordPress

    I’ve build websites in Drupal and WordPress for more than six years, and I still love it!